Our People, Our Culture.

Employees and Giving Back

Insurance is a helping profession to begin with. But our employees also enjoy taking time to improve and care for the places we call home.

Matching Gifts

Chubb believes its employees should positively influence the communities in which they work and live. Chubb actively supports eligible community, environmental, health, human services, educational and cultural nonprofit organizations or institutions in which our employees have an active interest. The Chubb Charitable Foundation will match 100% of each individual‘s eligible gifts from a minimum of $25.00 to an aggregate maximum of $20,000.00 per calendar year. This match is only for the tax deductible portion of gifts where no goods or services are exchanged.

The Gift of Time

Chubb supports employees who give back to their local community. The Chubb Charitable Foundation's volunteer program, "A Gift of Time," benefits an eligible nonprofit service organization. As a result of an employee’s volunteer efforts, the Chubb Charitable Foundation will make a monetary donation of $250 to an organization where an employee volunteers a minimum of 40 hours of personal volunteer time.

Employee Giving Campaigns

Chubb offers two annual employee giving campaigns in the United States with City of Hope and the United Way.  City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Chubb’s campaign provides funding for everything from treatment of advanced breast cancer to providing support for families of younger patients. In addition to standard donations, employees nationwide fundraise through silent auctions, bake sales and more. For almost 40 years, Chubb has partnered with United Way to give back to communities nationwide. Every year Chubb’s two week fundraising campaign supports individual United Way causes for the Community Impact Fund. Both campaigns are supported by matches from the Chubb Charitable Foundation.

Because We Live Here Too

Employees enjoy taking time to care for the places we call home. Employees from Westchester, a Chubb Company, participated in a Habitat for Humanity build in Philadelphia.