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2017 Cyber Liability & Privacy Boot Camp

Learn more about the 2017 Cyber Liability & Privacy Boot Camp and register for this exciting educational opportunity.

Program Benefits

  • Consultant sales training from Orangeleaf Consulting & Talent Rebellion
  • Greater understanding of the Chubb value proposition
  • Improve joint results
  • Identify tools necessary to drive new business

Program Overview

The 2017 Cyber Liability & Privacy Boot Camp will be focused on XXXXX.

The program will include two meetings that focus on the producer’s professional development and cyber liability and privacy knowledge.

The meeting times and locations are as follows:

  • June 22 - Philadelphia
  • September 28 - Philadelphia

Sales Program Consultants & Overview

Cynthia A. McGovern, Ph.D.
Orange Leaf Consulting

There are sales methods that you can implement to stimulate sustainable growth that you can apply across your entire enterprise. Cynthia will help identify what you want, what needs to change to get it and how to make changes necessary for success; all the while creating a perfect union between what your client wants and what you can provide.

Cynthia will go beyond Sales Training. She has been building, training and coaching high-performance sales teams for years, and seen a little bit of everything. She has experience in fine-tuning and existing sales strategy, rolling out national sales programs or developing e-level sales plans, she promises if you are willing to do the work, you will get results. Cynthia will facilitate the sales program in meeting 2 and 3.

Kevin Desmond
Managing Director

Tom Tiberia
Managing Director

A successful partnership is the result of careful preparation and a commitment to achieving ambitious goals. How do we think about success in the Chubb Producer Specialty Program? We will team with TalentRebellion and think differently about accelerating our mutual success. It all starts with understanding which shared goals are most important and establishing a joint strategic execution plan. We will work together to align our resources for maximum impact. Execution is achieved through a consistent sales process and skilled manager coaching approaches.

TalentRebellion understands that strategic planning and sales development is not a linear process. Success in this program will be achieved through skilled communication between committed insurance professionals. Tom and Kevin have worked closely with industry leaders to help them achieve sustainable results using innovative techniques and repeatable processes. They strongly believe in experiential learning and are committed to ensuring participants will redefine the word fun!

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